Birth to Age One

Such a big bed for me

Looking good

I'm just an angel

I'm so comfortable

Now you can see my beautiful face

Need more sleep

What is this shower cap on my head for...
I'm not impressed

After 7 months I am sitting up...
I lasted 15 minutes

I'm a beautiful angel

Do I really have to wear the hat?

A sleeping angel

A perfect mirror image

My christening

My baptism day

Just chillin'

Cuddle time again

Happy cuddling with daddy

Full of happiness

Merry Christmas everyone

Double precious...double cuteness

My new friends

Full of adventures

Where is Enna?

Such a happy girl I am

I love my new friends

My reflection

Just a sweet angel

My new angel with wings

Looking serious

Aren't I just too cute

Feeling the fuzzy hair

My first tooth started when I was baptized before Christmas

My second tooth started coming in on Christmas

I'm such a funny and cheeky girl

Natural beauty and also a camera ham

Brotherly love

Cuddles with mommy

My new outfit

I do love my big brother

How can you not love us

I'm such a noodle head

Sitting pretty watching TV

Dawson holding my hand

My million dollar look

Child life did Dawson and my hand mold

Before casting our hands

We are TV hounds

Keeping the faith

Getting ready for the casting

I'm so not impressed with this

The messy mold

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