Birth to Age One
Page 3

It is cold outside but I am nice and warm

Just watching some TV

Daddy watching over me while I sleep

All smiles

Posing with daddy

Mommy and daddy say I'm just beautiful

I'm the cute one

Two sleeping babies

BiPAP break

Checking out the hair style

Sleeping beauty

My sweet smile

Ahh, much better

Loving time off BiPAP

I love my brother Dawson

Kisses from daddy

I love being held

I love you

Two beautiful angels

Life before trach

My B4SMA Blanket

Moments in life to treasure


Time to pause

Watching TV

Being loved by daddy

Big grins

Always a smile

Hanging with daddy and Dawson

Sleeping with mommy and Dawson watching over me

An Angel on Earth with every smile

Big snuggles

I'm the love of mommy's life

Just before my big crash

Just before surgery

The will to live...strives to be my life

Let's get this done

Snuggles from daddy

A gift from God himself

I got my trach

Sleeping peacefully

Still holding on to my bear

sleeping beauty

So peaceful

Lots of wires

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