Birth to Age One
Page 2

I can see you

What are they doing to me??

I'm a big brown eyed princess

Simply beautiful

My first photo shoot

Hey, who pinched me

Gotta love the hat!

Full of grace and peace

Right before I crashed

In the hospital ICE Unit

Belly time

Sporting a mohawk, courtesy of the doctors

happy and peaceful

My teeth go up and down

Lifting weights

Hi Aunt Steph

I am grandma's joy

I'm a lil Heartbreaker

Wearing my princess gown

Look at my piggie tails

My favorite teddy

It is October...still in the hospital

Still have my happy little grin

looking serious

Working with the RT

Peek-a-boo, I see you

Still smiling

You want to do what???

Getting my cuddle time

I love you

I am looking good

What is over there?

My big, wise eyes

Hi daddy

Our close up

Bath time

All clean

Looking good and smelling great

I'm so happy

my pretty little feet

I love my toothbrush

It is mine, not yours

My beautiful hand

Hanging on to hope

Aren't I beautiful

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