Birth to Age One
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Welcome to the world,
Enna Irena Eve Lohin

February 7, 2008 at 7:10pm
7 lbs 1oz,  20 inches long

Hello world!

Hi Grandma!

I'm hungry!

I'm beautiful, right? 

Showing Aunty my pout

True beauty!

Tasty thumb

All warm and snuggly

My proud cousin

He is so excited because he loves me

Snuggling with my auntie

You can keep telling me I'm beautiful

Sleeping with Kendra

No more pictures please...I need my beauty sleep

Stick em up!!

Enough pictures already

Dawson and I being comfortable

Dancing with Uncle Bob

I like to sleep with my hands up


Getting my beauty sleep

I love my brother Dawson

Such a big bed for a little princess like me

On the go already

Dawson made me my first Easter Egg
Happy Easter everyone

Aren't I just too adorable

Time to relax

Having a good hair day

I'm already looking up to my big brother, Dawson

Hanging out with Gracie

Look at my bear feet

I'm the pretty little princess

Whoa...who forgot to warm the wipes?

Everything is just a little to big yet

Mom's favorite since I look so precious

Hooray, I'm two months old

A priceless picture

Sticking my tongue out while sleeping

Who woke the princess??

Aren't I gorgeous

I love being held

I'm such a little angel

Oh my!  Look at all the people

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