Age 4
Page 4

Mommy and I snuggling

Love my blue dress

Lost another tooth

Feeling a bit under the weather

Love playing with this squishy stuff

Stuff on my nose

Stop with the pictures!

Laying with dad

Chinese Yo-Yo

Laughing at dad

Enjoying the weather

Walking the dog

They call it puppy love

Off we go

I hate tummy problems

Running tests on my belly

Despite being in the hospital, I am so stylin'

Watching a movie with Dawson

In the hospital again


Feel better today

Wearing my SMA Hope shirt

Look at all my curls

Got my PICC Line

Ready for another day

Daddy did my hair today

Loving Snuggle time with Mom

Family Time

Just us kids

Not a good day


Got a new blanket to lay on

And a beautiful one to cover up with

My new bow

New leg braces

Dad is studying information from Dr. Swoboda

My mini football autographed by Edmonton Esks

Dawson telling me all about the game

My picture for Dawson's birthday

Low potassium type of day

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