Age Three
Page 7

Snuggles with Hope

Daddy doing my nails for Halloween

What is on your head?

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween

Sisterly love

Some of my balloons

Hmm, what shall I do today

Dress up fancy?

Go for a walk with Tiffany?

None of those, I think I will go home!

We are snuggling sisters

I am a beautiful princess

One of my guard dogs

Got both guard dogs

I'm so a rockstar

I love my sister

All home at once

Sibling love

Visiting with Minnie Mouse

So happy

Snuggling with Hope

Sibling love

Hooray! We love cuddling

Ready for Winter

I'm the best Christmas wreath ever

Counting the days until Christmas

Holding Hope

Sitting with dad

Chilling in my bean bag chair

Watching the Smurfs

Me and my dolly


Playing with mom

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