Age Two
Page 6


My new outfit from my nurse

Mom says I look like Winnie the Pooh

Snuggles with mom

My new shirt

Looking out at all the snow

I am getting long hair

Watching Ant Bully with Dawson

Dawson helping make Enna's bracelet ! He let her pick her color , and her symbols she picked a rose, a star and a heart!

What next???


My bracelet

My new shelves in my room

All done

Good night everyone!

Cuddles with daddy make me feel better

I have mommy's hair clip

New wheelchair trial

Luv n cuddles

Watching Legend of the Guardians

Daddy and I are so cool

New chair trial

Sponge painting with mommy

Mother to daughter moment

My family's hands

I want to paint more

Sorry I painted you daddy....

My hair done to look awesome

Do you like my new hair style?

Spa day is over and I'm exhausted

Hearts on my toes

Thanks GRIT program for all your help


Click here to see my memorial to Kaitlyn -
My forever friend and she gave her voice to me


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