Age Two
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Auntie time

I am just too cool....

Look at me, standing up

My sparkly purple ribbon

A new toy for me that is remaking my face
It is very weird feeling on my face

Look what it does to my hand

My new barrette

Smiles all around

I get to play with Dawson's big birthday balloons.

Wearing Dawson's Halloween mask

Playing after getting chair resized

Finally all done, time to go home.

Cuddles with dad and Chelsea

Tinkerbelle Nails

Butterfly sticker and a smile

Happy Birthday daddy

Frosting on our noses

Being pampered all day


Happy time being able to dress up

Standing after seeing the doctor

Dawson lighting up my world

My new bear

My new cushion - helps me to lay on my side

Hey, I can't see

A future cadet

Sleeping in my bean bag chair

Telling auntie all about Halloween

Ready for bed

Wearing my headband

Cuddle time

My new braided hair

Mommy, there are people watching me from my hair?

My winter leggings look

More chair adjustments

After a long day, I'm still smiling

In a good mood

Still not right but closer

Another new hair tie

Grandma wrapped me as a present

My princess bank

Our Christmas tree

Merry Christmas


Dawson and I

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