Age Two
Page 3


Laughing at Caleb

Family Time


Hanging with Caleb

I love my brother

Hey little man, what are you doing

Come cuddle with me, please

Just call me Miss Divine

Look at mommy's styling of my hair

I am the Divine Diva

Just relaxing

Being my normal sassy self

My new diva chair

Look how tall I am getting

I love my daddy

My hand from my brother's heart

My hand in living color

Outside with Chelsea

Cuddles with Chelsea

Goodnight Chelsea!

Trying out neck collars

Outgrowing my chair already

I am such a big girl already

Finally got my cough assist...

I am daddy's girl

I am an SMA Angel on earth

Hello...I need some cuddles

Hanging out with Shonna

All together

Some lovin' from mom and dad

Hi grandma

I love my new lion, "ROAR"

I'm a Total Princess

My SMA Bracelets

I'm sleeping beauty

I'm watching you....

Look what daddy did!

Dawson, Gracie, and I

Rockin' out in Gracie's stuff

Trying out a new position

Gonna try something new

Trying a stander

Need to get my chair resized

Sitting up tall

I love you daddy

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