Age One
Page 6

The first snow and ready to go outside

I think I need a new hat...

and a new carseat too

Sitting in my chair after a long time


Daddy got "whipped" by mommy


My hand mold by daddy: Just have FAITH

Hello everyone!

Nap time

Cuddles and kisses


I love my daddy

Daddy sleeping with my prayer blanket


I'm still awake daddy...

Sleeping beauty

Daddy and Dawson's pumpkins

Dawson and I on Halloween

Daddy's doing my nails

Look at me sitting up in bed

Super Girl

Evening cuddle time with daddy

Cuddles with mommy

Time for my day at the spa

Being goofy

I love when Dawson reads to me

Look how big I am getting

Not liking those camera flashes

Dawson waiting for the bus and playing for me

Listening to Dawson

Hanging out


Love eating suckers


Love my Christmas gift

I love my angel

Merry Christmas

At the hospital with daddy

gifted moments with daddy

daddy's getting better doing my nails

My beautiful nails

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