Age One
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Looking serene

Sitting pretty

I am getting so tall


Look at the size of my play tray

I love my chair

Playing with toys

I am looking so good

I love hanging out with my cousins

Playing with my toys sitting up

Outside in my chair for the first time

Daddy and I outside

I'm so happy

I love you daddy

Mommy and I outside

My COLE's Quilt - All cross stitching from all over Australia, Canada and the US. Wow amazing...

Laying on my B4SMA blanket and my new COLE's Quilt on top.

Daddy & I being a bunch of sleepy heads

Night time. Looking so cute in light purple and my Stollery t-shirt.

My candle from August 8, 2009 at 8:00pm. With the wings to remember all angles and my face so all can come together of everything.

Mine & Dawson's hands with candles

My baby pictures with candles

My hand and foot prints with candles

Big sleep after a big day at the Dr's office and a hotish day.

On my B4SMA blanket, I always say yes to this blanket!

Morning cuddles from Dawson , he loves to cuddle and relax with me

Aww ! kisses!

It's hot! I was asleep before the nurse showed up...

Just chilling!

My new pink and purple leg splints

Having a lazy PJ day

I'm just a beautiful princess

What are these things on my head?

Movie time

Watching a movie with Dawson

Watching a movie with mommy

Not too impressed with that flash

Daddy and I

Watching with daddy


Sleepy time

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