Age One
Page 4

This is nice


Pretty Enna, so happy to be home

I like it here


Showing off my Elvis lip

Checking out my room

My very own bed

Can I sleep now??


Pretty painted toes

Spa days are best

Cute toes

So sleepy

Out like a light

All tuckered out

My big girl bed

Getting a bath at home

Wild hair

Much better

Chillaxin at home

I love Tweety!!

Glorious in Green

Beautiful in Blue


Pretty Princess Enna

I'm so happy to be home

I love Dawson

Relaxing at home

Mommy and I at home

Being cheeky

Working hard

Good morning everyone

Hot day today

I'm playing and having fun...I just hate having my picture taken.

Such a beautiful angel

Enna is home, I'm so happy

We love to cuddle!

Happy at home

My gorgeous family...strong in every way

Look what I am sitting in

My very own chair

I think I like this chair

Look at me

I am such a pretty girl

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