Age One
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Cheeky Princess


Looking good

Mommy loves my smiles

Hair washing time - I like it better this time!

Waiting to see what they were going to do about my leg

TV helps

The drying process and all done..

Bring back the TV! 

We are Mommy's heroes!!

I smile no matter what

Just chillin'

My 13 month birthday gift. Got him on the 7th of March as well as Dawson's dude fish...

Okay the living room is ready for me, but now on the hunt for a job so I can come to a home.......

Enna's hand and foot in the wrap of a heart, and Dawson and Enna's hand in Hugo's idea's of photo's.

My hair in actual real pigtails. The teddy bear donated from Peak!

Enna thinks Dawson is so funny she is always so happy whenever he is around! Dawson the jokester!!!

Hanging Out with Evan

What cute ponies!

Little miss cutie

Perfect St Patrick's day girl!

Looking cute

Hello over there!

Almost ready!


Needs socks!


Are we going ?


Are we going yet?


Got my shades ;)


Faster guys!


Out of Here!



Ready for the van


    Goodbye !!

Home at last 

Daddy made my sleeper shirt


Mommy's two favorite things, me and my brother


Dawson and I being silly

Getting ready to go home

It sure is bright out here

Just chilaxin in bed

I'm super girl

Princess Enna

I'm so ready to go home with mommy, daddy, and Dawson

Family photo in hospital


Look, Kaitlyn, Hali, and John came to visit.

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