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Happy 1st Birthday
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The day before her first birthday, she must of knew it, cause check out that smile and those bright beautiful eyes!!!!!

Yeah going on a stroll only on the unit till we complete our CPR again!!!!!!!!!!! Bye, bye room for her and there!!!

The morning of Enna's big day! Yikes still in her PJ's, waiting for mom to bring her b-day dress!!!!

Super baby, all clean up and ready to go with her hat from her big bro. Sweeter than cherries!

Birthday princess!

Its always said two is better than one!!!

Thank you to Enna's nurse who decorated the room!


She loves her moma!

Yeah Enna so happy for you!

She is happy, a happy birthday girl!

Many praying hands.

Our little princess!!

Grace and Enna , both princesses!!

Enna, Grace, and Evan...

A cake from the nurses! With a big happy birthday song!!

From Aunty!

Stepping off the unit for the first time in a stroller with her family and this time its not for PICU in a crib! Eight months Enna and we stepped out into the world again for the first time with your family, a nurse and a RT.

In the family room Enna watched the fishes! she was interested, but the world has a different view now!

She wasn't sure what to think yet!

In the atrium.

The RT who is very good with Enna and has been one of many gifted hands who has worked with Enna many times.

One of many wonderful nurses who works with Enna, she is amazing with Enna!

Staring at the trees and plants.

Beautiful picture of Gracie

Flowers for her to see on her birthday!

Family photo!

What a moment!

Uncle Jay was on his way, such a beautiful family. My sister and her children with Enna.

All mine and my sisters kids together.

Our daughter! Who has so much love for her family!

My cousin Dana!

Dana and Kate together! I was so surprised to see them and very grateful to see both Kate and Dana. It has been soo long!

My cousin Kate and Enna!

Grace and Jaden, My sister and I think uncle Jay is peeking his head over Jaden,. Sheena's son.

Jaden and His grandma, DJ!

Enna was so pooped during her trip out off the ward, she missed the most part of her party! She slept three and a half hours when we got back to her room, she began to fall asleep in her stroller and did not even open her eyes when we transferred her back to bed.

Happy big bro, my boy!

All Partied Out

Another wonderful nurse who is sooo good with Enna, always puts a smile on Enna's face when she hears her voice. One of the many who are gifted hands and souls!

I'm the birthday princess

Looking cute

The cutest one

Big breaths from Daddy

Hurry!  Let's leave the floor!


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