My Mom, Lisa

I need sleep!

The puppy got painted too

Getting cuddle time with my angel

Bath time

Moments in life to treasure

Time to pause

Snuggling with Enna while getting
hugs from Dawson

Big snuggles

Just before surgery

Cuddle time again

Dawson and I at the hospital

Cuddles with mommy

Yeah Enna so happy for you!

I love my little angel!

Family photo!

What a moment!

Our daughter! Who has so much love for her family!

Family photo in hospital

Mom and I are so happy

Mommy and I at home

Happy at home

Enjoying Enna being home

Our gorgeous family...strong in every way

Mommy and I outside

Movie time

Watching a movie

Cuddles with Enna

Look how big Enna is getting

Not liking those camera flashes

Christmas 2009

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