My Dad, Hugo


Hanging with Dawson and Enna

Family time at the hospital - playing XBox

Saying hello to my beautiful angel

Our close up

Watching over Enna while she sleeps

Posing with Enna

Kisses from daddy

Moments in life to treasure

Time to pause

Snuggles before surgery

Happy cuddle time

Christmas dinner at the hospital

Helping Enna feel the fuzzy hair

Yeah Enna so happy for you!

Stepping off the unit for the first time in a stroller with her family and this time its not for PICU in a crib! Eight months Enna and we stepped out into the world again for the first time with your family, a nurse and a RT.

Family photo!

What a moment!

Our daughter! Who has so much love for her family!

Hurry!  Let's leave the floor!

The men in Enna's life, we are her protectors

Enna, checking to make sure
we are still with her

Family photo in hospital

Hot day today

Happy at home

Enjoying Enna being home

Our gorgeous family...strong in every way

Enna and I outside

Enna is so happy

I love you, my little princess angel

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